How to Buy Wimbledon Tickets

About Wimbledon

Arguably the best tennis tournament in the world, this event takes place every June/July for 2 weeks of grass court tennis. The world’s best players compete to be crowned champion of Wimbledon. Wimbledon is watched by millions of fans from the UK and around the world.

Tickets for Wimbledon are always in huge demand as the tournament is hugely popular.

Outside Wimbledon

The authorities around Wimbledon are hugely successful in limiting the number of local ticket resellers outside the venue. It is fair to say that tickets outside the venue are highly likely to beĀ genuine, any possibility of fake tickets being sold outside is dealt swiftly by the local police.

The majority of the ticket sellers can be found immediately outside the Southfields tube station on both sides of the roads as you make your way to the the Wimbledon tennis grounds. Most of the ticket sellers at this event are monitored by the local police so you have nothing to worry about.

If you want to get your tickets prior to the event day and have them in hand then I would suggest using a recommended ticket broker as listed below. All tickets are fully guaranteed and come with a 100% refund rate should any issues occurs.

Ballot Tickets

Ballot tickets are the tickets that are issued to fans lucky enough to win them in the public ballot which takes place every year. These Ballot tickets are not for resale and therefore there is always the risk that the user can be denied entry into in the stadium should a steward decide to ask where and how the person got the ticket in question.

It is now illegal for people with Ballot tickets to sell them, therefore many secondary resale sites do not allow for them to be sold on their exchanges.

Debentures – Why and How to Get

Officially these are the tickets which can be bought, sold and transferred to other users. These are the tickets that you will receive from the trusted sellers listed below and therefore allow you entry into the Wimbledon grounds.

Debentures are normally the middle tier of both the Centre Court and Court One.

Centre Court Map



Secondary Ticket Market

Wimbledon is by far the biggest tennis competition in the world and this is reflected in the prices and limited ticket availability across all courts on all days.

The main ticket agents even have makeshift offices for the 2 weeks the tournament is on for ticket buyers to collect, minutes away from the gates. As the resale of Debenture tickets is legal there is nothing the tournament organisers or the authorities can do.

As a tennis fan and an experienced Wimbledon visitor I would advise that you purchase your tickets from only 2 specific places, this ensures that you are in a place.

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